Required Text

Fundamentals of Marketing Research, 2005
Scott M. Smith and Gerald S. Albaum
Sage Publications.

Optional texts

Hair, Joseph F., Jr., Mary Wolfinbarger, David J. Ortinau, and Robert P. Bush (2008), Essentials of Marketing Research, McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishing (ISBN # 978-0-07-338102-20).

Salkind, Neil J. (2007), Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics, 3rd edition, Sage Publications (ISBN # 9781412951500).

SPSS, Statistical Software 14.0, ISBN-10: 0324627084

Online readings

Lecture Readings 1 and 2

Handbook of Marketing Research Chapter 8:

Advanced Techniques and Technologies in Online Research

Handbook of Marketing Research Chapter 11:
Basic Data Analysis

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