Assignment: please send your assignments to my email address or hand in to me in class, my office.

Week 10:

Draft of questionnaire for research project. Please bring me a disk -- I will load them on my web site so that everyone in class can review them and make comments.


Week 11:

Pre-test your questionnaire during the week before class (get 10 people to take your survey and de-brief them). Briefly list the changes you are making based on the feedback you received during pre-testing. Review other group's drafts on-line. For each group, list suggestions for changes and be prepared to talk about each group's questionnaire in class. This assignment must be turned into me

Week 12:

Collect data this week before class. At least 100 per group should give you sufficient power to do many types of analyses. I will accept less (around 60), but it's not as much fun to analyze small data sets! This doesn't have to be handed in to me..