Fruit Market in Thailand

What do you think about this fruit market?

Class attention!

Please come to my first class on time. We need your discussion about what will be cover more in our class. We will have a great time...See you! 

Saisamorn Capobianco

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MKT320: Marketing Research

Marketing research class in general:

Course Description: Marketing research course is designed to introduce the methods and techniques used in developing and conducting marketing research project. Course topics focus on marketing research process which includes developing the marketing problems, choosing an appropriate research level and design, collecting the data, performing data analysis, writing research reports,  and presenting them in class. The course also emphasizes using Statistics to the level that students can find them useful in making decisions. Most essential, students will acquire first hand experiences by working on a real-world environment and conducting a multi-stage marketing research projects during the semester.

Prerequisite: MKT 211, Stat 100.