Course syllabus for Mkt 320: Marketing research 

Course Structure:

The course uses a mixture of lectures, discussions, group projects, multimedia tools, classroom activities, and assignments related to group project works.  It is my obligation and your responsibility that you have to complete the assigned reading and the chapter exercise before class (class participation’s questions are based on these requirements).

Overall learning goal:

Students understand and apply the concepts and methods of marketing research process to conduct marketing research projects in the real-world environment.

The general objective of this course is to examine marketing research as a tool for providing information for marketing decision making. The broad course objectives are to help students to understand the central concepts of marketing research, the methods of conducting marketing research and how to use research to solve the problems faced by a marketing manager.

This course provides a broad overview of marketing research from a practical and applied perspective. You will learn the basics of research and how to conduct a research project.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the concept and the application of Marketing research

2. Identify the marketing research process, the kinds of information it can provide, and how it is used by marketing management.

3. Study, model and measure concepts in market, product and consumer research.

4. Provide a general understanding of the survey research process by which information is obtained from respondents.

5. Understand how to avoid errors when conducting research, including the selection of appropriate research designs.

6. Understand how to select a sample and develop a sampling plan.

7. Develop skills in measurement and analysis in marketing research. This includes completing data analysis using Statistics and SPSS program for analysis. 

Course schedule: Spring 2009

Jan. 12

Course overview: The nature of Marketing research

Chapter. 1

Form group project

Jan. 19

Marketing research process

Ch. 2

Submit your group project proposal

Jan. 26

research designs

Ch. 3

Feb. 2

Information sources: primary and secondary data

Ch. 4

Group project review

Feb. 9

Concept of measurement

Ch. 9

Feb. 16

Scaling in Marketing research

Ch. 10

Feb. 23

Design questionnaires

Ch. 11

Mar. 2

Sample procedure

Ch. 12

Group project discussion

Mar. 9

Spring break: NO CLASS

Mar. 16

Design the sample size

Ch. 13

Mar. 23

The analysis process

Ch. 14

Mar. 30

SPSS class # 1: class @ computer lab

Group project review

April. 6

SPSS class # 2: class @ computer lab

April. 13

Writing Marketing research report

Ch. 20

April. 20

Group project presentation: class meet @ computer lab

April. 27

Last week of class: NO CLASS. Students submit their Marketing Research report by mail or in class

Exam @ 1:00pm- 4:00pm