Classroom Policies, Procedures and Grading

Classroom Policies:

Class Participation & Attendance 

In class, students are to focus on discussion and experiential exercises. Please read and give some thought to each week's assigned material and come to class with your notes properly organized, ready to participate in the discussion. Clearly, I do not expect you to always have the right answers when we are discussing a new analytical technique. Evidence that you have done the reading and absorbed it to the best of your ability is all I ask for. Remember that thoughtful questions leading to a rich class discussion are often as valuable as thoughtful answers.

You will be expected to participate in class. Attendance at all class meetings will be required. Ten percent of the grade points will be assigned to class attendance. You will lose points for each unexcused absence from (or lateness to) class. If you arrive in class more than fifteen minutes after the start of the class, you would not be admitted to that class. Two latenesses will be counted as one unexcused absence. Your attendance will be recorded at the beginning of each class period. You are responsible for your arriving late to class (i.e. after the class attendance has been recorded) to notify me of your attendance, at the end of the class period.

Please email me if an unforeseen problem arises that you cannot submit your assignments on time or you can't be in class. Any late work or missing class will be penalized.

Need Help

I will make every effort to insure that this class is relevant to your needs. Still, it is your responsibility to prepare adequately for class and to make this course meaningful for yourself. I will always be open to suggestions and welcomes your comments. In addition, you are responsible for checking your e-mail and my website at least once a day, including weekends. Extra help will be available by appointment.  

Contact me by email ( as soon as possible if you are falling behind or need help for the lesson.

Overall course grading:

Class participation and attaining                  10%

Homework                                                 10%

Final exam                                                 40%

Group project                                             40%

It was a policy from our Marketing department that this class would not has a midterm exam as the students have to spend a lot of time and effort to conduct a group research project.

The group project grading:

Written Report:                      100 points (group)

Oral Group Presentation:         20 points (group)

Peer Evaluation                       10 points (individual)



90%-100% = A

85%-89% = A-

80%-84% = B+

75%-79% = B

70%-74% = B-

65%-69% = C+

60%-64% = C

55%-59% = D

Below 55% = F